John enjoys inspiring anyone who wishes to sing, believing that anyone can sing if given the right instruction and inspiration. In 2010 he led 900 highly enthusiastic inner-city, mostly primary, schoolchildren in a performance in Birmingham’s Symphony Hall of Karl Jenkins’s Requiem that almost raised the roof with the sheer energy and commitment drawn out of the performers. John’s work with choirs in the Home Counties has seen many performances of rare British works including Howard Ferguson’s “The Dream of the Rood”, George Dyson’s “Hierusalem” and George Lloyd’s “Requiem” – the latter with the St Albans Chamber Choir. John is also Choral Director of Clifton Cathedral Choir returning to where he had been organist in the late 1980s.

John has conducted many contemporary choral pieces including a number of performances of Will Todd's "Mass in Blue",  "The Jumblies" by Francis James Brown and "Come Saints and Angels" by Alan Ridout. World premieres include "Martyr" by Tarik O'Regan in St Albans Abbey.

John ran three nationwide tours of choral works by Karl Jenkins - Requiem, Stabat Mater and Stella Natalis in conjunction with EMI and Classic FM - and has performed many of his works with choirs and orchestras across the country. For almost a decade John was choral director of the Ulverston Festival chorus and has conducted Lord Williams's Festival Chorus for many years.

"John Gibbons has proved himself to be a dynamic and exciting choral specialist".